Alkan Kablo

The leader company of the electrical industry ALKANLAR which its the youngest label is ALKAN KABLO , serving supplying and marketing of the Turkish and international brand approximately 45 years.

  • Marketing veteran of the electiricity sector, is backed by the Turkey’s most trusted institution ALKANLAR, with 43 sale-offices in different countries and over than 5000 point of sale is proud of taking part.
  • ALKAN KABLO experienced and dynamic team,shipped the product from raw material input to the laboratory controls at every stage of production with high quality and environmentally friendly production realizes.
  • With the understanding of quality and service ALKAN KABLO receive from you the strength and support to move forward with firm steps towards becoming a global brand has adopted as its mission .

Why You Should Choose US

We Don't Compromise Of Our Standarts!

As Alkan Kablo, all of our production is made by using processes and raw materials in accordance with the relevant standards.We do not sell any products which named as ''marketable'' and has non-standard, low quality raw materials, that dose not fits technical, mechanical and / or electrical values of the standards. We need both raw materials, production qualification and standards.

We Don't Compromise Of Our Quality!

We need both raw materials, production qualification and standards. We never compromise on our quality. Our Miscarriage is not to be the cheapest, but to serve the quality as cheap as possible.

Our Customer happiness Policy

Not compromising on quality and standards On behalf of customer satisfaction, all kinds of compensatory measures and control mechanisms operated 24/7 Alkan Kablo offers services with the principle of "Satisfied customer,is the biggest gain."

Stoktan Teslim Ve Uygun Fiyat

Alkan Kablo, a brand in the sector with the rightful pride to mature the philosophy by blending the minimum profit margins and the maximum quality, and being able to spread it to the continuity. We can offer you the soonest delevery terms by selling directly in stock of many product groups in line with customer demands and requirements. It is always your indispensable supplier with its delevery performance.

World Standarts

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